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Total Mobility Half Price Taxi Card

The Total Mobility Scheme is a discount transport service provided for people with mobility impairments who are assessed as being unable to easily use public transport.  Eligible clients receive a 50% discount (up to a maximum saving of $40.00 per trip) on fares charged by contracted transport providers.


You will be assessed to determine whether you have an impairment that prevents you from travelling on a bus, train or ferry in a safe and dignified manner. The assessment will look at your ability to:

  • get to the place from where the transport departs (approx. 500m)
  • get on and off the transport
  • ride securely
  • get to the destination

Your impairment may be physical, sensory, neurological, intellectual, psychiatric/mental and be expected to last at least six months.

Inability to use the public transport system must be caused by your impairment, not other factors.

The following are situations that may qualify for a TM Card:

  • Inability to walk or wheel 500m or get on/off a bus, train or ferry due to physical impairments (e.g. chronic pain, respiratory condition, reliance on crutches/walking sticks/walking frame/wheelchair)
  • Inability to independently find one’s way due to sensory, neurological or intellectual impairments (e.g. loss of sight, loss of hearing, dementia)
  • Inability to independently interact with a bus driver, ticket seller or other passengers due to intellectual, psychiatric or psychological impairments (e.g. inability to handle money, lack of social skills, schizophrenia, phobia).

How to apply

To apply, please phone your local office today. Our friendly team will explain the process, how much it will cost and arrange your assessment.

Central & West Auckland

   09 820 0184

Counties Manukau

   09 279 4331

North Shore

  09 489 4975

or send us an email with your details

Please note: there is a one-off charge to be assessed for the scheme and to receive a Total Mobility Card

Total Mobility Taxi Providers

AT Hop Information

For information about obtaining a Mobility Parking Permit please visit the CCS Disability Action Website

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