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Asian Services

Our Asian Service ensures that all our services and activities are delivered in both Mandarin and Cantonese and that we provide culturally and linguistically appropriate support.

Services include:

  • Dedicated Social Workers providing individual casework and group education sessions to address the abuse, neglect and social issues impacting Chinese-speaking older people
  • Health Promotion activities and workshops in Cantonese and Mandarin
  • Accredited Visitor Service for the Asian community to help reduce social isolation and loneliness

For more information contact Asian Services: email or 09 820 0184

Age Friendly Community Centre

In partnership with A Better Chance Charitable Trust we run an Age Friendly Community Centre in Avondale. Throughout the week different activities are available for older Chinese people to participate in. Programmes offered at the Centre includes a range of indoor and outdoor educational and developmental activities, workshops, games and exercises. All the programmes are provided in Mandarin and Cantonese. Transport to and from the centre can be provided for those older people who need it.

For more information contact A Better Chance Charitable Trust on 09 828 8333.

Chinese Interest Classes

On the North Shore we run weekly classes facilitated by Chinese older people and run by volunteers. Classes include: English Conversation to enable Chinese-speaking older people to communicate with more people in their local community; dancing; singing and art. For more information contact our North Shore Office on  09 489 4975


On behalf of the English Conversation Group, I’d like to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all our dedicated English tutors.
You’ve been very patient, encouraging, and enthusiastic in sharing your knowledge in teaching English. We want to learn English so that we can better blend into the local community. 
We like to make friends with the Kiwis, and be able to talk to them, mutually exchanging cultural and living habits. 
We hope to be of service to give back to the community, doing what we can, within our abilities, in providing volunteer services too. 
The ability to, speak in English enable(s) us to handle our daily activities more confidently, for example, to better understand New Zealand’s legal requirements, taking public transport,
doing banking, seeking medical advice, or making enquires at the Work & Income office, etc. 
Thank you!  

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