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Homeshare brings people together in shared households via carefully negotiated and supported shared living arrangements.  It is all about people helping people, creating meaningful, reciprocal relationships.

Homeshare is underpinned by the belief that the social connection and friendship of a shared living arrangement can help mitigate against the detrimental impacts of loneliness and social isolation and enhance the overall wellbeing of all in the household.  Through the sharing of life stories, experiences, and skills, each Owner and Sharer can enrich the lives of those with whom they share.


  • Are you over the age of 65?
  • Do you live in Auckland and have a spare room?
  • Want to connect more with others?
  • Would you like assistance with home tasks?



  • Are you aged 20 or over?
  • Seeking quality, affordable Auckland accommodation?
  • Interested in connecting with an older person?
  • Willing to assist with household tasks?



The Homeshare relationship is based on trust and friendship, allowing people to age and live well within their chosen communities. People from different age brackets, backgrounds, ethnicities, and professions take part in Homeshare. Homeshare is flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of different groups of Owners and Sharers, and not just those who are typically older and younger. The Owner provides good quality accommodation, a bedroom and use of the shared facilities in their home. In exchange the Sharer provides their time and could assist with social connection, friendship, low level practical assistance such as cooking, light housework, shopping, or gardening, as well as providing the added security of having someone else sleeping in the home. The Sharer may also accompany the older person to appointments, social events and on trips out.


The Homeshare Programme is run and facilitated by Age Concern Auckland.  We follow a pathway to ensure that both Owners and Sharers are well supported throughout their entire journey with the Homeshare Pilot Programme.

  • Our involvement begins when we receive you initial enquiry/referral.
  • We answer all enquiries and provide more information to make sure the Programme really is for you.
  • The Homeshare Team will then be in touch for an initial telephone interview to determine and confirm your eligibility.  This interview can be  in person if you prefer.
  • We then work with you and together undertake an in depth assessment – in home for the Owner (to check property suitability), and at a location to suit for the Sharer.
  • We carry out screening,  police vetting and reference checks;
  • We help both parties to implement a mutually beneficial written agreement that sets out the requirements and responsibilities of both the Owner and the Sharer.  This agreement is the backbone of the Homeshare arrangement and includes all aspects of social connections,  and practical tasks that both parties wish to provide.
  • We introduce the Owner and Sharer to each other and attend the initial meet and greet sessions.
  • We facilitate the stability of the arrangement by matching people with shared values.
  • We provide ongoing support to ensure both Owners and Sharers remain safe and satisfied, once the agreement has been set up and the Sharer has moved in.
  • The Team will check in with both parties on a regular basis after the match, and monitor how the arrangement is working.
  • We work with both parties to problem solve and provide ongoing assistance and advice.

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