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Health Promotion

Health Promotion focuses on empowering people and communities to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Ranging from action at a community level to developing policies, it is founded on the principle that health and well-being begins in the settings of every day life

- Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand

Activities are delivered across Auckland and bookings can be made by calling your local office:

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Age Concern Auckland delivers a range of Health Promotion activities that provide practical knowledge on health and well-being topics to help older people age well and stay independent, healthy and active. 

Our Health Promotion programme is focused on maximising physical and mental health and well-being by ensuring that older people are equipped with knowledge, confidence and tools to age well. Information is provided on a range of topics including: Falls Prevention; Nutrition; Sleep; Mental Health; Scams, Safe Driving and Technology (Zoom, Facebook, phones, laptops, etc).  

Our work is evidence based and evaluated continuously based on our professional knowledge and the feedback received from participants to ensure that we are presenting the most relevant and useful information.

Central & West Auckland

  09 820 0184

Counties Manukau

  09 279 4331

North Shore

  09 489 4975

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