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  • Aged 20 years or over;
  • Are reliable and mature adults;
  • Have a genuine interest in supporting and creating social connections with an older person;
  • Commitment to the underlying values and principles of Homeshare and have a genuine interest in the lives and experiences of other people;
  • Willing to undergo the interview process, including the provision of personal/professional references and a police check;
  • Prepared to live in the designated area and to undertake a Homeshare arrangement for at least six months;
  • Aware of the time it may take to carry out all interview and matching procedures;
  • Capacity to share an older person’s home including;
  1. The ability to communicate effectively, and to speak the Owner’s language
  2. Be an emotionally mature and sociable person with a resourceful approach to life
  • Capacity to provide a stipulated amount of assistance, friendship, and social connections.


  • Access to secure and good quality housing;
  • The alleviation of financial pressure;
  • The ability to live affordably in the Auckland area with easy access to transportation options;
  • Increased friendship, social connections, and the opportunity to live in a home environment;
  • The security of living with another person;
  • Connection and involvement with the local community;
  • Integration into a new country and culture;
  • The Sharer is a volunteer and does not replace any existing home care services that the Owner may be receiving.

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