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Community Strength and Balance Classes - Franklin Locality

Community strength and balance classes are social, fun and keep you strong and independent to do the activities you love.

Age Concern Auckland is the lead agency for Community Strength and Balance classes across Counties Manukau. Our role is to coordinate and grow access to classes offered in Counties Manukau.

Please Note: Class details can change at any time, please ensure you book prior to attending.

It is proven that people 65+ years can significantly reduce their risk of falling by doing regular specific exercises that build the strength and balance of their legs and core (stomach, lower back, and hips). Strength and Balance classes are led by instructors trained to assist people
65 years and older in the correct exercises to build strength and balance and help older people improve their balance, leg strength, flexibility, general fitness and well-being.

Bookings for all classes are essential

For more information regarding attending a class please freephone 0800 262 368 or click on 'Register your interest' and complete the referral form, indicating all classes you would like to attend or would like more information on.

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Three levels of classes are offered and we will work to ensure that you are placed in a class suited to your mobility and ability:

  • Level 1 - Limited Mobility – use of a walking aid, restricted activity and/or does not engage in regular physical activity (e.g. gardening, walking).
  • Level 2 - Reasonable Mobility – does not use a walking aid and/or currently engaging in some physical activity.
  • Level 3 - Full Mobility – good level of fitness and wanting to maintain this, and confident in participating.

All our classes meet the Live Stronger for Longer nine clinical assessment criteria for community group strength and balance, or in-home exercise strength and balance programmes.


Aqua classes are a fun way to improve overall general health with no impact on joints. Use of floatation noodles and dumbbells to improve strength, balance and core stability. So much fun to great music. Need to be confident in the water and to climb down the ladder into the pool.

Franklin Pool & Leisure Centre, 29 Franklin Road, Pukekohe
Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 9:15am-10:15am; Tuesday, 10:15am-11:15am

Level 1
$6.00 per class for CSC and SuperGold card holders, $10.00 without

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Supple Seniors

Supple Seniors aims to improve your quality of life through enhancing flexibility, improving breathing habits, minimising stress, improving muscle tone/strength, improving sleep patterns and promoting inner wellbeing and relaxation. Participants are seated on/or supported by a chair. Routines are designed for persons with mobility limitations, however, is suitable for the able bodied.

Amberly Park Community Centre, 8 Village Place, Tuakau
Thursday, 10:30-11:30am -
Level 1
Park View Estate, Bereford Street, Pukekohe (Residents only)
Wednesday, 10:00-11:00am - Level 1
Salvation Army, 1 Tobin Street, Pukekohe
Tuesday 10:00am - Level 1
$5.00 per class, ground level entrance

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Age is Just a Number EPR Clinic

Age is just a number don't let it define you. Get your body strong and working well for you. Delay and reverse ageing through effective exercise, strengthening muscles that will help you continue your daily activities well and helping to prevent falls and injury. Get more from your body in a group fitness style class.

CREO Gym, 5 Cape Hill Road, Pukekohe
Monday, 10:15-11:15am

CREO Gym, 5 Cape Hill Road, Pukekohe
Thursday, 10:15-11:15am
$5.00 per class

19 Market Street, Pokeno
Tuesday 11:45-12.45am 
$10.00 per class

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Tai Chi for Wellbeing

Tai Chi for health and wellbeing that is fun. We include functional movements to improve your strength and balance to support your everyday living. Chairs are available to aid standing balance exercises.

St Andrews Church, 43 Queens Road, Pukekohe
Thursday, 1:15pm-2:15pm & 7:00pm-8:00pm - Level 2
Waharau Regional Park, Waharau/Kaiaua
Friday, 7:00pm -
Level 2-3

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Total Body

Bringing a social fun factor to exercise, Total Body is a low impact class with an emphasis on balance, posture and strength. Resistance bands and weights available and used in the class.

Franklin Pool & Leisure Centre, 29 Franklin Road, Pukekohe
Tuesday, 9:15am-10:15am - Level 2
Thursday, 9:30am - Level 2-3

$6.00 per class for CSC, CRx and SuperGold card holders, 10.00 without

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Click here to view a pdf version of the classes above, or click here for a printable version. (To print this booklet set your printer to landscape, double sided print, short edge)

Information for exercise providers

If you are an exercise provider who would like to become accredited to provide Community Strength and Balance classes please click here for more information.

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