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Our Positive Ageing Network members come from a wide variety of organisations that deliver services to older people in Counties Manukau. To the left is an itinerary of the current network members with links to their websites for more information on their organisation and services. Just click on the organisations name that you would like to learn more about and you will be redirected to their website. We welcome new members and if you would like to join the Positive Ageing Network, please email Anna Jessen at annaj@accm.org.nz

Positive Ageing Network Terms of Reference:


The Network was established several years ago by Age Concern Counties Manukau Inc to gather organisations with an interest in Positive Ageing together – this terms of reference is to clarify our role.

Vision and Values:

The Network’s Vision is:

“an inclusive Society for all ages, that invests in older people, supports and provides choices, empowers them to live independent, safer and healthier lives and that values older people and their contributions”.


Inclusive, Supporting, Empowering, Respectful, Safe, Healthy, Valued.


Mission Statement:

The Network will ensure that we collaboratively promote inclusion and participation, to maximise independence, health and safety of older people within Counties Manukau



The functions of ACCM-PAN is

  1. To work collaboratively and strategically to support needs of the older population in the Counties Manukau region

  2. To put “older people first”

  3. To share information, resources and ideas around positive ageing

  4. To support each other and build connections

  5. To advocate for change that benefits older people - with a unified voice

  6. To work together to problem solve

  7. To increase diversity in our membership to be inclusive and welcoming of other cultures and ethnic groups

  8. To provide education and raise awareness about preventing elder abuse

  9. To provide opportunities for community engagement.

  10. To participate in good quality discussions

  11. To provide comment and input on joint or individual member submissions on all documents such as bills that affect older people


In carrying out its functions the Network shall have regard to the New Zealand Positive Aging Strategy and the WHO Age-Friendly City Guidelines.  


1. To advise the Network on issues related to the rights and wellbeing of older people.

2. To advise the Network of any trends noticed when working with older people in the community including  strategic planning, prioritisation and implications of changes to services available in the community.

3. To advise the Network about any regional and national provider policies related to older people issues

4. To advise the Network on development and maintenance of relationships with older people stakeholders to 5. To develop regional intersectoral collaboration and coordination.

6. Provide opportunity to engage with older people within our region to help identify gaps in service delivery.

7. Receive information from government organisations providing services for Health of Older People within the district.

8. Maintain contact with local and central government representatives and advise the network on how it can effectively contribute towards strategies for older people.  


The Network has no accountability as an entity but is expected to only give advice or release information to other parties while respecting the confidentiality of each member of the network and their clients.

Network Membership:

The network will have no limit to numbers of members, the only criteria being the organisation they represent provides services to older people in the Counties Manukau region.

The network members will be expected to become organisational members of Age Concern Counties Manukau Inc to show their support of Age Concern Counties Manukau as the lead agency of this network and to assist it with carrying out its functions.  

The Network will be facilitated by Age Concern unless delegated to another member by ACCM and they will ensure there is adequate record keeping.

ACCM will maintain a distribution list of all network members and distribute notices and messages to members on at least a monthly basis.

Network members are expected to advise ACCM when there are changes to contact details of representatives from their organisations.

The Network will ensure that older adults are included as members.

Frequency of Meetings:

The network will meet a minimum of 4 times a year and maximum of 6 at a venue provided by one of the network members and all organisations are to make their best endeavour to ensure they have a representative present at these meetings.

Notices for distribution will be provided in hard copies at the meetings and email to ACCM for distribution electronically

The meetings will follow a strategic agenda and guest speakers may be invited from time to time to inform the members on specific areas of interest.

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