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    For Age Concern Auckland: To be made out to "Age Concern Auckland" and posted to PO Box 19542, Avondale.
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A regular gift is often a good option for supporters of Age Concern Auckland and Age Concern Counties Manukau because it is convenient and it 'spreads the load' – a small monthly gift taken out of your bank account each month is a painless way to give.


If you are interested in giving in this way, please contact us to set it up.

You can make a lasting difference and help Age Concern Auckland and Age Concern Counties Manukau deliver services and programmes by making a bequest in your will.

By supporting Age Concern, you will support people like Cornelius.

Cornelius is an 87-year-old man, who lived for years as a slave in his own home and was a victim of both financial and psychological abuse. 

Six years ago, Cornelius was living happily alone in a state house in Glen Innes. Things took a dramatic turn for the worse when the middle aged son of a friend needed somewhere to stay, a man we’ll call Bob.  “I invited him in because he had nowhere to go.  I felt sorry for him.”  Shortly after, Bob’s girlfriend moved in, rapidly draining Cornelius’s finances and his life.  “I paid for things – the fridge, the deep freezer.  They left me no money.”   On top of that, Cornelius was ousted from his own bedroom.  He was forced to make multiple trips to the shops each day and he had to do all the cooking and cleaning.

Four years later, Cornelius collapsed in the doorway of a shop and was admitted to hospital. 

It only gets worse.  When Cornelius was in hospital too scared to go home, Bob and his girlfriend committed the ultimate act of betrayal – they sold all of his belongings and then trashed his house.


The medical team alerted Age Concern Auckland’s Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention Service.  Our team worked with Cornelius to help move him to safety.  He is now back sporting a smile, living in a rest home and his health is improving.


Thank you.  Your gift will help ensure that the most vulnerable older people living in our communities have the support they need to meet the challenges of their changing needs, and families can be sure that their elderly relatives are appropriately supported.

This website can accept Membership and Donations for both Age Concern Auckland (Central & West Auckland) and Age Concern Counties Manukau (South Auckland). Please make sure that you select which Age Concern you wish to support on the payment page. 

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