The Triple A programme is designed to help you or your whanau think about retirement, in particular:

  • how you want to spend your time,

  • financial, family, legal matters,

  • what where and who you want to live by,

  • personal risk management plans and tools to help make your own individualised plan.

We provide participants with resources and information within a workshop setting to create an action plan for positive ageing. 

What topics are covered in the Triple A Programme?

The programme is designed to enable those currently in the second half of their working lives (or those assisting retirement-age whanau) to develop a comprehensive, holistic retirement plan.  Topics covered include:

  • Accommodation/Housing

  • Transport

  • Money

  • Health

  • Community Involvement

  • Enduring Power of Attorney

  • End of Life Planning

How is the Triple A programme structured?

The twelve-hour interactive programme can be structured as 4 x 3-hour modules. 

Each participant is given a workbook to assist them in creating their own active ageing action plan.  They will receive a participation certificate and the employer receives a certificate acknowledging their investment in their staff.

Information for Employers

We also run Triple A workshops for local businesses.  We bring the programme to the workplace if there is a suitable venue, or host it offsite (any offsite hire incurs an additional charge).

The Triple A programme gives employers a chance to show how much they value their staff, and organisations get the kudos of being socially responsible - by looking after New Zealand’s future - at the same time.

If you think your workplace could be interested in running this programme for staff, please contact Wendy Bremner 09 279 4331 ext 810 or email to discuss.

Where are Triple A workshops held?

Regular Triple A workshops are run at Age Concern Counties Manukau’s offices located at Cambria Park Homestead, Papatoetoe.  Or employers can run them at their own premises for staff.

Why choose the Triple A programme?

Most other retirement programmes are run by financial institutions whose focus is solely on the financial aspect of retirement, and is usually sales-driven!  Our programme empowers people approaching retirement by providing them with a comprehensive, holistic plan for all aspects of life after work.

Each programme session is run by a Triple A facilitator.

Who designed the Triple A Programme?

Age Concern Counties Manukau developed the Triple A programme to proactively assist people before they retire using our expert knowledge, skills and resources. 

Through our work in the community we recognised a need for a programme which proactively assists people before they retire.   The miracle of population ageing, one of humanity’s greatest achievements, means we now have more people living longer healthier lives but also a heavier demand on resources for retirement-aged people. Without an action plan for the next stage of their lives, people approaching retirement are left with fewer choices if their circumstances change. 

Age Concern Counties Manukau’s Chief Executive Officer, Wendy Bremner, says “We found that often people don’t know what their retirement options are.  If you’re informed, you can plan for a retirement that goes the way you want it to – so that if life throws you a curve ball, you’re ready to catch it.”

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