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Health Promotion Activities

Counties Manukau

Age Concern Auckland delivers a range of Health Promotion activities that provides a variety of useful information on topics to help older people to age well and stay independent, healthy and active. A list of the activities we offer in Counties Manukau are below.

The activities we offer are free and available to older people living independently. A koha to help cover the costs of refreshments is always greatly appreciated.

To register you interest in attending an activity, please click on the 'Register Your Interest' link and download the form. 

register your interest form register your interest form
Email the completed form to  

Multiple dates and venues will be arranged throughout the year - you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted when a course is available in your area. You can 'Register Your Interest' in as many or as few activities as you would like to.

We can also come and present to groups you are involved in. If you are interested in having a Health Promotion Presentation delivered to your seniors group in 2021, please email.


My Home, My Choices – finding the best fit (2 ½ hours)

This Workshop is for Senior home owner-occupiers and will provide an opportunity for you to use a research-based, booklet/card-based resource to help you think through how and where you want to live during your retirement. It will also offer information to assist you on how to use and adapt your current home to suit your needs if you wish to remain there.

Staying Safe - for mature road users (3 - 5 hours)

This driver refresher Workshop is designed to fine tune your safe driving knowledge and keep you updated with road rule changes. Staying safe is classroom-based and uses information and material provided by the New Zealand Transport Agency. You will not be tested!
This off-road course covers four key themes:

  1. Keeping Safe (thinking about your safety)
  2. Being Safe (driver skills)
  3. Safe Journeys (managing road situations)
  4. Keep Moving Safely (alternatives to driving)

Improving Sleep (2 ½ hours)

This interactive Workshop is designed for older people who suffer from not having enough sleep and/or good quality sleep. We will explore the structure of sleep and its impact on our health and you will be provided with positive strategies and suggestions for improving your hours of quality sleep.

Down But Not Out (2 ½ hours)

This Workshop will raise your awareness and understanding of depression and help you to recognise the differences between the 'blues' and 'depression'. There will be suggestions for coping and you also learn where to seek help. We will also explore how to have a flourishing life in our later years. This Workshop is aimed at those seeking information for themselves or for people they care about. Participants can be assured of a confidential, non-threatening and supportive environment.

Technology for Seniors (2 ½ hours)

This Workshop provides you the opportunity to get individual tuition on your devices e.g. mobile phones, laptops, tablets/iPad. 
You can learn at your pace and find out the way to do things that you need help with or are interested in eg Facebook, Spotify, Apps, Internet search, photos etc. Please bring your device fully charged and with instruction booklets if available.

Ageing Mindfully (1½ hours)

This Workshop aims to support older people who live in the present moment, cope better with ageing and the challenges that come with ageing, and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. We also would like to help participants experience the benefits of mindfulness, such as better sleep and memory.


Advance Care Planning (2 ½ hours)

Advance Care Planning is a way to help you think about, talk about and share your thoughts and wishes about your future healthcare. Now is the best time to consider taking part in Advance Care Planning conversations before a possible serious illness. Planning will help you and those around you understand what is important to you and what treatment and care you would like. Join us and listen to our expert guest speaker who will help you understand what an Advance Care Plan is and how to set one up.

Enduring Power of Attorney and Wills (2 ½ hours)

Who will manage your affairs if you are no longer able to? Have you caught up with the changes made to the Power of Attorney legislation which may affect you and your family? Come along and find out from our expert guest speaker about Enduring Powers of Attorney and learn what you need to think about to create and/or review a will.

Information for Funeral Planning (2 ½ hours)

This Seminar is designed to empower and educate about the practical and legal issues that need to be considered when a bereavement occurs. Learn from our expert guest speaker all about planning for a Funeral and all the options and choices that are available in Auckland. 


Steady Steps (1 hour)

This Presentation introduces facts about slips, trips and falls, their likely causes and provides information on early strategies to reduce the risk of falling.

Scam Alert! (Beware! Be wise!) (1 Hour)

This Presentation looks at what is a scam, who can be scammed, the ways you can be scammed and how to protect yourself.

Improving Nutrition for Healthy Ageing (1 hour)

This Presentation provides information on the importance of nutrition as we age and our changing nutritional needs. Includes a look at food groups, their importance and recommended daily intake, the importance of protein, fluids, strong bones, Vitamin D and smart snacking.

Multiple Week Programmes

Please note: as these programmes are held over four consecutive weeks, participants must be able to attend all four sessions at the time of registration.

Positive Steps (Falls Prevention)
Held over four consecutive weeks, 10.00am – 12.30pm

A Programme for older people to help retain independence and maintain health and wellbeing. Provides a range of information to help reduce the risk of falling and introduces a gentle strength and balance exercises programme.

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